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What we do.

Bold, brave and limitless.

Personal preferences change and trends come and go, but what always remains consistent is our ability to stay up to date with industry movements so we can offer you the best options for your budget and needs. Our process has been designed to enable us to fit in with and align with your client team, and help you to continue to run your business as usual without worry or distraction.

Our process

We will work closely with your client team to deliver you the best furniture options for your space, no matter what stage you are at in the process.


Step 1

Project Brief

Step 2

Design & Create

Step 3

Budget & Product Selection

Step 4

Finishes & Final Proposal

Step 5

Delivery & Installation

Step 6

Sign off & looking after you

What makes us different?

We know how to make the most of what you’ve got. We’re not shy, we’ll make you feel braver, stand taller and the results will make your budget look bigger. We aren’t ashamed of our success, it comes from a proven ability to do great work, and we want to share it with our clients.