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Sustainability & ESG Statement


The PLANET System®, developed in conjuESG Statementnction with The Sustainable Business Book, is designed to help businesses self-reflect on their current Sustainability/ESG status and move from panicked promises to tangible change and action. As a company, we are currently working through the six stages: Panic, Learn, Agree, Navigate, Enact and Tell.

Our self-audit covering E (environmental), S (social) and G (governance) showed that we have started as we mean to go on, with many of the basics already in place in terms of measuring our direct impact and creating appropriate policies to run a responsible business.

However, it also highlighted that we have a lot of work to do, particularly in the area of Environmental Scope 3 understanding and action.

So, we are now focused on achieving the following by (no later than) the end of 2024:

  • Full supply chain audit.
  • Implementing a supplier code of conduct – holding all partners accountable for their social and environmental impact.
  • Recycling, repurposing options for all projects.

Our longer-term strategy includes:

  • Carbon data for all products supplied.
  • Long-term charity partnership.
  • PlanetMark certification.