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Sq Ft12,000
CompletedAug – 2023

“The team was a true pleasure to work with… we could not have done it without the experience, expertise and advice”
Coremont Team

























Illuminating the Path to Innovation and Collaboration

A New Office, A Fresh Start

Embarking on a transformative journey with Coremont, Pattrn had the privilege of revitalising their workspace into a beacon of innovation and collaboration. Understanding Coremont’s aspirations for a brighter, more dynamic workspace, we embarked on a meticulous exploration of design possibilities. Guided by Coremont’s vision for warmth, creativity,
and seamless collaboration, Pattrn curated an engaging space led from breakout areas to client meeting rooms through insightful consultations.

Our partnership with Coremont culminated in a tailored design that not only met their requirements but exceeded them. By meticulously selecting furniture that infused freshness, energy, and purpose into every corner, Coremont’s workspace was transformed into a hub of productivity and inspiration.

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